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While it is true that most banks do not require mandatory life insurance for borrowers against the risk of loss of life or permanent total disability, it is still a valuable ally for every borrower.

The usual option is to choose life insurance, which can include an additional coverage for permanent total disability.

These coverages secure a portion or the entire remaining balance of the loan, protecting the borrower’s family members and ensuring their financial stability.

The insurance premium is determined by factors such as the insured amount, the duration of insurance, the age of the insured, occupation, medical condition, and the selected program according to each insurance company. Both level term and decreasing term life insurance policies are available, as well as level term insurance for permanent total disability.

Why you should get a borrower's life insurance?

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Life insurance is optional for the borrower. However, it is an insurance ally as it protects in case of death or total disability, for the repayment of the loan to be completed through the insurance company. The Real Finance takes on without any burden the application for insurance of your residence, while we are always at your disposal for any other insurance program.

Sure. Our company provides customer service to clients from all over Greece and abroad, without any financial burden.

Real Finance maintains absolute confidentiality in all its collaborations. Your personal data is used exclusively for the purposes of our cooperation.

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