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Our services are εντελώς δωρεάν. Real Finance is exclusively remunerated by the banking institutions it collaborates with and provides its services absolutely FREE of charge to its clients, from the initial stage of financial approval until the disbursement of their loan. Therefore, at any time you wish, you can terminate your cooperation with our company, without any financial burden.

Mediation in housing loans is widespread abroad, but not very common in our country. The mortgage broker maintains a cooperation agreement with the bank they work with in order to carry out all necessary actions for the benefit of their client. The purpose of mortgage mediation is to free you from bureaucracy and to benefit from the privileged services of the mediator, who has the necessary technical knowledge and experience to claim the best for you.

Real Finance is an official mortgage broker in cooperation with all Greek banks. Our years of experience and collaboration with banking institutions have built a mutual relationship of trust that allows us to advocate for our clients’ best interests every day, seeking the lowest market interest rates and the most favorable loan terms for them. As part of this collaboration, we undertake the entire loan process for you, minimizing the processing time of your request and seeking economical and competitive solutions tailored to your individual needs. In summary, the services provided by Real Finance include: • Assessment of financing possibilities and loan amount • Collection of necessary documents at every stage of the loan • Verification of all required documentation • Coverage of any outstanding issues • Negotiation of favorable terms and final interest rate • Loan Insurance Proposals.

The Real Finance is an official intermediary and external partner of the 4 largest banking institutions in our country, ensuring for you the lowest interest rates on the market and providing you with continuous updates on the progress of your housing loan. We work with you to choose your financing bank to make sure that your housing needs are fully covered.

The process followed by bank branches is often time-consuming and of limited effectiveness regarding obtaining the best possible terms and improving interest rates that Real Finance aims to secure for its clients. With the guarantee of quality of our services and without any financial burden, Real Finance succeeds in putting an end to bureaucracy and offers you the most economical and the most favorable solutions of the banking and insurance market!

Banks, during the difficult times our country is going through, seek to reduce operational expenses while at the same time aiming to increase their productivity. Furthermore, consumers, aware of the complex bureaucracy involved in any action required for their loan approval, avoid visiting bank branches. The mortgage broker, as an independent mechanism whose sole goal is to provide the best possible service to the consumer, stands by them, focusing on their needs and examining impartially every aspect of their personal interests. Real Finance provides you with daily and complete support for the progress of your loan, simplifying the procedures and making the process of getting your loan an easy and fast process, without bureaucracy and time-consuming waiting queues.

In order to obtain a housing loan, the bank requires mandatory insurance of your property against the risks of fire or earthquake. The insurance must be completed before disbursement and you have full freedom to choose your insurance company. Life insurance is optional for the borrower. However, it is an insurance ally, as it protects in case of death or total disability, for the repayment of the loan to be completed through the insurance company. The Real Finance takes on without any burden the application for insurance of your residence, while we are always at your disposal for any other insurance program.

No, transferring your salary to another bank is not a requirement for your financing.

There are cases where a guarantor may be required for loan approval. For example, if your income is able to cover a specific loan amount, but you desire a larger amount to meet your needs, it may be proposed to you to have a guarantor in order to secure the amount you require. If it is deemed necessary to have a guarantor, Real Finance will promptly inform you of such a possibility.

You can proceed with repairs of the property you own with the help of a renovation loan!

Sure. Our company provides customer service to clients from all over Greece and abroad, without any financial burden.

Real Finance maintains absolute confidentiality in all its collaborations. Your personal data is used exclusively for the purposes of our cooperation.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling us at 210 95 10 900.

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