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Private Insurance

The obligation to insure the residence, which is secured in favor of the banking institution, against the risks of fire and earthquake, is one of the borrower’s fundamental obligations. However, the insurance choice is completely free for the borrower, which means there is absolutely no obligation for the insurance company or the insurance program they choose in order to fully cover their needs.

Real Finance has certified insurance advisors to provide a variety of options for insuring your mortgage property as well as any other personal or professional needs. You can search for insurance options for health, automobile, business, or savings through the retirement program, as well as any other insurance that suits your needs.

The specialized team at Real Finance has insurance advisors who ensure to find programs that specifically match your individual needs. Our goal is to provide you with:

  • Finding your insurance needs.
  • Studying insurance proposals.
  • Finding solutions according to your individual needs.
  • Comparing and analyzing your existing contracts.
  • Finding the most cost-effective solution for your insurance coverage.
  • Providing support and guidance for any claims or damages you may encounter.
  • Ensuring prompt and fair compensation for your claims.

First Prize in "Other Branches" Production Real Finance Real Finance was awarded the top prize for 2021 by the largest insurance agency in Greece, "Mega Brokers," as one of the successful companies providing insurance and financial products in the Greek market.

Mortgage Insurance

Our insurance conscience is essential! In recent years, it has been observed that the economic crisis has acted as a deterrent for home insurance in a large portion of households. As a result, the damages caused by natural disasters cannot be restored by their owners due to the high cost involved. In reality, however, the economic crisis makes home insurance more necessary because due to reduced income, a household will not be able to restore the damage using its own resources.

Life Insurance for Borrowers

The Reduced Capital Temporary Insurance programs are aimed at all individuals who wish to ensure that their loved ones’ financial needs will not be affected in the event of their absence from life. With life insurance, you can maintain the quality of life for your family and their future goals, such as your children’s education, while also protecting your real estate assets.

Health Insurance

Give yourself and your family the gift of high-quality healthcare services provided by private insurance, without worrying about whether your contributions cover your insurance, if there will be an available bed in the hospital, and if you will receive the care you deserve. Private insurance is the best solution for receiving high-quality and immediate services at a very low cost, just as you deserve!

Pension & Investment

Our Retirement Programs provide a strong incentive for saving, ensuring the future of your family through a lifelong income. With our Retirement Programs, you have the ability to:

  • To choose the amount of your pension
  • To choose the payment method (lump sum or monthly)
  • To choose the retirement age
  • To choose additional contributions beyond the guaranteed interest
  • To choose the capital payment to your loved ones in case of loss of life

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