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Housing Loan for Armed Forces

Housing Loan for Armed Forces

If you belong to the Armed Forces or Security Forces, Greek banks recognize your contribution and reward it with significant benefits and discounts on Housing Loans.

Real Finance, in collaboration with the four largest Greek banks, ensures the lowest market interest rate on Housing Loans exclusively for the special category of Armed Forces and Security Forces without any financial burden whatsoever.

You can obtain financing for the purchase, construction, or renovation of your home with an exceptionally advantageous variable interest rate starting from 2.3%, or you can choose a fixed interest rate to better manage your finances. Additionally, you are eligible for significant discounts of up to 50% on loan expenses.

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Low Monthly Installment with
an interest rate starting from 2.3%.

Reduced Loan Expenses
up to -50% for your Housing Loan
Funding up to 85%
real time or remotely
Application Submission
n person or remotely

By your side at every step of your Financing!

At Real Finance, we guide you through every step of your financing process, from financial pre-approval to the disbursement of your housing loan, without any financial burden whatsoever.

Regardless of the category of armed forces you belong to, with Real Finance, you can secure a preferential Floating Interest Rate starting from 2.3% for your Housing Loan, ensuring the lowest monthly installment forever!

Why Choose Real Finance

Zero Cost

At Real Finance, we are remunerated exclusively by the Banking Institutions we collaborate with, and we will never charge our clients for the services we provide.

Interest Rates & Terms

Comparison Our long-standing partnership with Greek banks allows us to obtain preferential discounts on fixed or variable interest rates for our clients.

Streamlined Procedures

We fully undertake your financing process, from financial pre-approval to disbursement, keeping you informed continuously about the progress of your loan.


For any further inquiries, feel free to call us at +30 210 95 10 900!

What loan amount can I get?

The loan amount and duration of your mortgage are calculated based on your financial capability and the value of the property being secured.

I want to collaborate with you but I am not in Athens. Is there a possibility of cooperation?

Sure. Our company provides customer service to clients from all over Greece and abroad without any financial burden whatsoever. You can contact us by phone at +30 210 95 10 900 from Monday to Friday, 09:00-19:00. You can also reach us via email at [email protected] or even schedule an appointment through Skype.

If I want a loan for the renovation or repair of my house?

You can be financed with a mortgage loan to cover your expenses for the repair or renovation of your house. Funding through a renovation loan can help you cover up to 100% of the cost of your house repair or renovation works.

Can I combine both fixed and variable interest rates in my mortgage loan?

Certainly! We can help you choose a mortgage loan with both fixed and variable interest rates, and we will ensure that you get the lowest installment available in the market. However, please note that the fixed interest rate period is always the initial period during the duration of your loan. For example, you can choose a 30-year housing loan with a fixed interest rate for the first 20 years, while the interest rate for the remaining 10 years of your housing loan is variable.

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