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Housing Loan for Youth "My Home"

Financing up to 90%
for purchasing a property!

With the “My Home” program, you can make your dreams come true and purchase a property just as you have always envisioned it for yourself and your family!


The program is aimed at individuals or couples aged 25 to 39.


The minimum income threshold for borrowers is up to €10,000 per year.

Property Value

The maximum market value of the intended property for purchase is up to €200,000.

Loan Duration

The maximum repayment duration of the housing loan is set at 30 years.

Τι προσφέρει το Πρόγραμμα "Σπίτι μου"

Program for granting low-interest housing loans for first-time homebuyers who are young individuals or couples.

Χωρίς Καμία Οικονομική Επιβάρυνση

Real Finance is remunerated exclusively by the collaborating Banking Institutions and will never ask for payment from the borrower.

Our goal is to design a Housing Loan that perfectly suits your specific needs, ensuring a simplified process from pre-approval to disbursement.

Γιατί να επιλέξετε τη Real Finance

Μηδενική Επιβάρυνση

Αμοιβόμαστε αποκλειστικά από τα Τραπεζικά Ιδρύματα συνεργασίας και ποτέ θα ζητήσουμε χρήματα από τους πελάτες μας για την παροχή υπηρεσιών που προσφέρουμε.

Σύγκριση Επιτοκίων & Όρων

Η μακροχρόνια συνεργασία μας με τις ελληνικές τράπεζες, μας επιτρέπει να λαμβάνουμε προνομιακές εκπτώσεις στα σταθερά ή κυμαινόμενα επιτόκια για τους πελάτες μας.

Απλοποίηση Διαδικασιών

Αναλαμβάνουμε πλήρως την διαδικασία χρηματοδότησης σας, από την οικονομική προέγκριση έως και την εκταμίευση, ενημερώνοντας σας διαρκώς για την πορεία του δανείου σας.  


For any further inquiries, feel free to call us at +30 210 95 10 900!

When will the "My Home" program open?

The new housing loan program for young individuals was announced in recent months by the Ministry of Labor and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023. The program aims to support young individuals and couples who wish to acquire their first home.

What are the criteria for the program?

The criteria announced so far for the “My Home” program are as follows:

  • It is aimed at young individuals or couples aged 25 to 39.
  • Minimum income threshold: €10,000
  • Maximum property value: Up to €200,000
  • Maximum loan duration: Up to 30 years.
  • The purchase of the property by a first-degree relative of the borrower is not allowed.
  • No guarantor is required for loan approval.
  • The loan agreement must be signed within 8 months from loan pre-approval.
Why not go to a bank branch to get a mortgage loan?

The process followed by bank branches is often time-consuming and of limited effectiveness regarding obtaining the best possible terms and improving interest rates that Real Finance aims to secure for its clients. With the guarantee of quality of our services and without any financial burden, Real Finance succeeds in putting an end to bureaucracy and offers you the most economical and the most favorable solutions of the banking and insurance market!

I want to collaborate with you but I am not in Athens. Is there a possibility of cooperation?

Sure. Our company provides customer service to clients from all over Greece and abroad, without any financial burden.

Ζητήστε μας να σας καλέσουμε!

Please provide your contact information, and a specialized advisor from the Real Finance team will call you as soon as possible to provide you with detailed information about the “My Home” program.