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Funding up to 85%<br> f the commercial value of the property!

Funding up to 85%
f the commercial value of the property!

The purpose of the loan and your credit profile
may secure you an even higher percentage of financing based
on the commercial value
of the property.

Fixed interest rate from 2.6% <br> for your mortgage!

Fixed interest rate from 2.6%
for your mortgage!

Real Finance is with you from pre-approval
to disbursement of your Housing Loan,
in order to secure the lowest interest rate
on the banking market.

Construction or Completion of a Residence

Designing the ideal home starts from scratch. The place that will house you and your family forever, can be designed according to your own needs and completed gradually, in the time you choose.

Funding for housing construction or the completion of an unfinished property is the appropriate solution to avoid unnecessary expenses and complex bureaucracy.

With the periodic disbursements provided by the loan, you can complete all time-consuming procedures, with favorable terms and low-interest rates.

Low Monthly Installment

with an interest rate starting from 2.6%

Flexible Repayment

with a loan duration of up to 40 years

Funding up to 85%
real time or remotely
Submit an Application,
in real-time or remotely

Stages of Your Financing
for Construction or Completion of a Residence

Financial Pre-approval

An official assurance from the bank that you can receive the desired amount, the financing percentage, and the repayment period you have chosen, without any obligation.

Legal & Technical Due Diligence

The specialized personnel appointed by the bank conducts a thorough examination of the property being secured to determine if there are any legal or technical issues that need to be addressed before the financing approval.

Final Approval

Granted by the bank once the relevant processes related to the loan purpose have been completed. At the same time, the purchase and sale contracts are signed, and the property is compulsory insured against fire and earthquake risks.

Loan Agreement

Signed by all parties involved in the loan and describes in detail the terms and conditions binding the borrower and the financial institution throughout the duration of the housing loan until its repayment.

Property Encumbrance

The property is encumbered in favor of the lending institution to secure the loan. The borrower or their authorized representative appears in person or through an attorney at the peace court, along with the bank's lawyer.

Loan Disbursement

The loan is disbursed by issuing a promissory note from any branch of the banking institution, which is made out in the seller's name and can only be collected by the borrower.

Why Choose Real Finance

Zero Cost

At Real Finance, we are remunerated exclusively by the Banking Institutions we collaborate with, and we will never charge our clients for the services we provide.

Interest Rates & Terms

Comparison Our long-standing partnership with Greek banks allows us to obtain preferential discounts on fixed or variable interest rates for our clients.

Streamlined Procedures

We fully undertake your financing process, from financial pre-approval to disbursement, keeping you informed continuously about the progress of your loan.

5 Factors that Affect Your Loan

Credit Score

The client's credit profile is determined by their loan obligations and can contribute to obtaining a favorable loan interest rate.

Income Index

Derived from the borrower's loan obligations and their monthly income, it affects the loan amount they can be granted.

Cash Collateral

Cash collateral is the provision of cash through the banking institution to negotiate a more favorable interest rate for your loan.

Banking Relationship

The borrower's deposit relationship with the bank, including their salary, can contribute to obtaining a more favorable interest rate.

Standard of Living Index

The cost of living based on your family situation and loan obligations significantly affects the approved amount for a housing loan.


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